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Spirituals In Motion
the Album

"Spirituals In Motion is my response to the call of the Ancestors. The Album will be comprised of my original works.  It is a multi-faceted, lyrical project rooted in the American Negro Spiritual.  Spirituals in Motion leverages the Spiritual art-form and infuses it with timely lyrics and modern music styles such as: Rap, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Rock, Folk, Reggae, and spoken word.  Using the history and power of this work, I am on a mission  to inspire, educate and galvanize others through music. Spirituals In Motion is designed to promote self-expression, social change, and awareness of African American history through song.  It leverages the ingenuity, wisdom, and power of an art-form born in oppression to advance social change today."  -La'Shelle Allen  

Please join us in this critical work.

We truly believe the Spirituals in Motion project can bring change and unity to the world. 

We need your help to bring this dream to fruition.  

*Contribute to the Project   

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     PayPal:  @sistahlala

     Venmo:  @LaShelle-Allen-1

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