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Spirituals In Motion

Original Work

Kings Highway

Kings Highway is an adaptation of "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round". This song was my very first solo with the Harlem Spiritual Ensemble and it reconnected me to the power of this great body of work.  "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round' was a very popular song during  the Civil Rights Movement - transforming from Spiritual to Protest Song. I wanted to re-ignite the fire of this song and redirect it to younger people close to me as a lyrical form of advice. I challenge those around me to seek out and utilize the power of their own voice and understand the power of their choices. Life has consequences, and though it may be easy to follow the pack, it may be wiser to take a different road (Kings Highway). This Spirituals In Motion selection features a Reggae beat composed by Sinima Beats. 

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters is an adaptation of "Wade in the Water". This selection focuses on themes related to communication and creative expression.  It focuses on finding and expressing ones own voice and reconnecting to the light within. Troubled Waters is musical inspiration and aspiration delivered through spoken word and beat box.   This Spirituals In Motion selection features Greg Harrington on Beat Box.

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